Research Project: Causes and Actions of Late-life Loneliness (CALL)

Project leader
Lena Dahlberg
Project Members
Magdalena Kania Lundholm
Kevin McKee
Jerry Norlin
Carin Lennartsson, Aging Research Center Karolinska Institutet
Project Period
Project Status
This project aims to a) identify risk factors for loneliness, b) examine the experience of loneliness, and c) identify successful actions to alleviate loneliness in the oldest old.

The project will include three studies: a national and regional questionnaire survey of older adults; semi-structured interviews with older adults; and a Delphi survey with organisations providing social activities for older adults and social workers with responsibility for assessing and following up the social needs of older adults.

The project will provide new evidence on key risk factors for loneliness and the identification of the most vulnerable older adults. It will also describe experiences of older adults and social actors regarding loneliness and interventions to reduce loneliness. Thereby, the project will contribute to the evidence-base on ‘what works’ and enable the development and implementation of effective interventions to alleviate loneliness in older adults and improve their quality of life.
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Social Work
Familjen Kamprads stiftelse