Jerry Norlin

Personlig presentation av Jerry Norlin

Doctoral Student Care Sciences
Department of Social Work School of Health and Welfare

I am a PhD student in the project "Causes and Actions of Late-life Loneliness" (CALL), which aims to contribute to new knowledge about social risk factors for loneliness and explore which interventions and actions can reduce loneliness in older people. I also have an affiliation with SWEAH.

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After I recieved my degree in Social work at Dalarna University, I further studied for a master's degree in Social Work at the same university. After an internship at the Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services my interest in evidence-based practice and research was ignited in the same area that Högskolan Dalarna's postgraduate program has as its profile: Health and welfare with a focus on evidence-based practice. Since October 2021, I have been accepted as a doctoral student in the subject Care Science, where my doctoral thesis is about risk factors and interventions to reduce loneliness in older adults.


My teaching at Dalarna University is currently mainly focused on scientific method, where most emphasis is on teaching quantitative methods in the Social worker program.