Research Project: SELMA - self-management for persons with stroke

Project leader
Marie Elf
Project Members
Erika Klockar
Linnea McCarthy
Lars Wallin
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Project Status
The project will deliver an implementation strategy that considers the dynamic interplay between a self-management program, context, and implementation. We will work together with staff in co-producing the intervention. The self-management program is directed to persons with stroke. The life after stroke can be an ongoing challenge with over half of all survivors reporting unmet emotional and social needs. Health services are undergoing significant changes with shorter hospital admissions and increased care in the patient's home. This
places high demands on patients to cope with their life-situation and illness. Patients with stroke frequently report that they feel abandoned after the care in the acute phase. Research shows that self-management interventions can have a positive impact on people with long-term conditions. At the same time, such interventions do not reach many of those who might benefit for various reasons, including the complexity of the stroke condition. Also, the evidence base regarding how to implement complex intervention for this patient group is limited. In this
project, we have brought together a team of international experts in implementation, self-management, care and rehabilitation in persons with long-term conditions to implement a self-management intervention that will improve self-efficacy, health and wellbeing for people with stroke in the post-acute phase. The study will generate knowledge about mechanism of implementation outcomes of complex interventions and serve as a template for developing new care models for person-centred self-management support. The proposed project aims to evaluate the impact of training professionals in self-management support on self-efficacy, health and wellbeing in people with stroke and the implementation process. The study design comprises a mixed method, multi-case comparison.
Egenvård, implementering, komplexa interventioner, personer med stroke , Self-management, complex interventions, persons with stroke
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Health and Social Welfare
Caring Science