Research Project: Coordinate (teChnology tO suppORt DecIsioN-making about Ageing aT homE)

Project leader
Marie Elf
Allison Jones, Evidence Practice-based Center University of Alberta
France Légaré, Faculty Medicine Universitt Laval (Quebec)
Louise Meijering , Faculty of Spatial Sciences University of Groningen
Project Members
Lena Dahlberg
Kevin McKee
Susanna Nordin
Project Period
Project Status
An integrated knowledge translation (IKT) approach is used in which different stakeholders (e.g end-users, researchers) collaborate in the development, use and evaluation of technology to support shared decision-making regarding ageing at home. Shared decision-making is a cornerstone for person-centred care and holds the potential to promote person participation in decisions. Technology have the potential to enhance older peoples’ involvement in shared decision-making processes, and this project will result in deeper understanding of facilitators and barriers of technologies for improving self-management and supporting quality housing decisions.
Core principles:
o Multiple-case, comparative, mixed-methods approach to explore older peoples’ use of space in their homes and neighborhoods
o An iterative approach with end-user feedback and end-user consultation to tailor technology to their needs
o Triangulation of data to consider differences between healthcare systems, geography and regulations
Coordinate activity phases:
o Assessing Global Positioning System (GPS)-reported and self-reported mobility of older people with frail health living at home: GPS-trackers are used to collect spatial data. Travel diaries are used to collect self-recorded mobility for comparison with GPS-assessed mobility, and additional information. Walking interviews are used to get insight into older peoples’ movements in the neighborhoods, and to discuss mobility practices in relation to self-reported well-being.
o Co-designing an enhanced version of a health- and activity platform: Based on
data from the first phase, collaboration with end-users in creating a platform that could
be used to inform shared decision-making about housing options for older people.
o Compare data: Synthesise information from the previous phases, and assess
differences and similarities between rural and urban areas, and across jurisdictions in
Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden.
Äldre personer, hem, GPS, teknik, samskapande, Older person, home, GPS, technology, co-creation
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Caring Science