Research Project: ENSECO - Product and process for preparation and realisation of energy self-sufficient container buildings

Project leader
Xingxing Zhang
Project Members
Jingchun Shen
Project Period
Project Status
The overall objective of project is the development of solutions for the preparation and realization of energy-efficient light weight buildings for different types of use. Through innovative light weight construction using prefabricated containers with the aim of eliminating building physics disadvantages associated with light weight construction principle, the project implements the requirements of DGNB and key technology of light weight construction in a targeted manner. Both through the cooperation of the consortium and through the competencies of the project partners, the project will develop scientific-technical solutions by means of targeted research and development work for the structural-physical problems resulting from the light weight construction. Their effects will be computer simulated, laboratory-technical and pre-industrial tested. The integration of renew able energies leads to demand-oriented solutions to be developed for plus-energy buildings and thus to the achievement of climate protection goals.
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology
BMWi - Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany