Jingchun Shen

Personlig presentation av Jingchun Shen

Senior Lecturer Construction Technology
Construction Technology School of Information and Engineering

Jing specialises in regenerative building solutions, leveraging international expertise in academia and industry. Now, she focuses more on TEDD assessments, emphasizing ESG queries and asset improvement in terms of technical and environmental aspects. 


Board Member in Committee for Education Evaluation


BY2022 Energy project, cr. 7.5

GBY2GC BIM in the Building Process, cr. 7.5

EG3014 Solar Building Design, cr. 5

EG3015 Solar Radiation and Geometry, cr.5

ABY27W Introduction to Bioclimate Building Design, cr.2.5

BY3001 Energy Efficient Building,  cr.7.5

ABY22W Energy performance of buildings - simulation and analysis, cr.5

BY3004 Environmental classification tool, cr.2.5



Course Coordinator


Research projects