Research Project: UBMEM - Activity-Based Urban Building and Mobility Energy Modeling for Planning of Future Cities

Project leader
Johan Håkansson
Xingxing Zhang
Project Members
Mengjie Han
Ross May
Paria Sadeghian
Mia Xiaoyun Zhao
Project Period
Project Status
To meet targets for energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time handle increasing urbanization and population growth, cities around the world need to find optimal strategies to transform local energy use and supply. There is a need to be able to dynamically study the effects of different urban designs, policy measures and technology deployment scenarios on the energy performance of entire cities. In this project we will use smart digital technologies to collect big data sets of mobility patterns and activities of city inhabitants. These data, along with meteorological data, LiDAR data and other GIS based data, will then be used to construct an urban modeling framework that can be used to assess and visualize energy and power demand and greenhouse gas emissions of the building stock and transports in whole cities. The results from the project include improved knowledge and data as well as demonstrated innovations for use in practical urban planning.
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology
Microdata Analysis