Research Project: Reesbe industrial post graduate school

Project leader
Ewa Wäckelgård
Project Members
Chris Bales
Frank Fiedler
Jonn Are Myhren
Thomas Olofsson
Tomas Persson
Mats Rönnelid
Corey Blackman
Tina Lidberg
Moa Swing Gustafsson
Ricardo Ramirez Villegas
Project Period
Project Status
Reesbe (resource-efficient energy systems in the built environment) is a business graduate school operated by the University of Gävle in collaboration with Mälardalen University and Dalarna University. Industrial graduate school is an initiative carried out in close cooperation with seventeen companies in the three regions Gävleborg, Dalarna and Mälardalen. Dalarna University is responsible for four PhD students employed at ClimateWell, Byggpartner i Dalarna, Falu Energi & Vatten and Stora Tunabyggen (in corporation with Borlänge Energi)respectively.

The purpose of the research in Reesbe is to find measures to improve energy efficiency in homes or public buildings that are connected to the district heating system. These measures do not only focus on energy conservation measures (ECM), but also on business models for joint efforts between the energy and housing. A particular interest in the project is to find the potential for solar energy to reduce the use of finite resources (fuel) and promote lower climate and miljöpåverkan.Forskningen aims to:
• significant increase in efficiency in energy supply systems
• significant reduction of energy use in buildings
• improved indoor climate for both existing buildings and new construction within the district heating network
• increased share of renewable energy in district heating through installations of solar energy technology.
Research Profile
Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology
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