Research Project: Interaction and Learning: Teacher strategies in diverse classrooms

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Åsa Wedin
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This study aims at deepening and widening our understanding of practices in classrooms in pre and primary school settings that are socially, culturally and linguistically diverse. The study will raise issues related to on the one hand linguistic practices in school settings related to pupils’ homes and other settings where they spend their leisure time, and on the other hand teacher strategies in a pedagogically demanding school situation. Focus will be on diverse school settings with seemingly great demands when it comes to social, economic and linguistic background, but were pupils have a relatively high rate of school success. The study will create and understanding of teachers’ awareness of the linguistic diversity in classrooms and whether they take this into account. Why do teachers do what they do? Is it a coincidence or the result of conscious planning? It will also study differences produced in interactional processes in the classrooms in relation to inclusion or exclusion on a cognitive and social level.

The general aim of the study is to recognize conceptions about pupils and pupils’ learning that are made visible in classrooms and in the organisation of the education on school level. One specific goal is to find out how multilingual pupils are given possibilities to utilise their multilingual competence in classrooms. Another specific goal is to create knowledge about specific competences needed for teachers in multilingual and socio-economically diverse schools.
Interaktion, lärande, mångfald, Interaction, learning, diversity
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