Research Project: The Expression of Modality in Italian across Time and Texts

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Gianluca Colella
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The notion of modality, in which cultural and linguistic aspects are blended, is a mainstream topic in the study of any language system. Nevertheless, up to the present, the works related to the expression of modality in the Italian language are focused on epistemic modality only (Pietrandrea, 2005; Rocci, 2005) and there is a lack of studies that offer a comprehensive description of the different kinds of modality and modal markers. The purpose of my research is to fill this gap. I will define systematically the field of modality in Italian, taking in account also these features: a) classification of modal markers; b) diachronic developments; c) modality across texts and discourses (media, narrative, politics). Moreover I will collect data and information that can be useful even to the scholars who are interested in this topic in a cross-linguistics and typological perspective.
modalitet, evidentialitet, italienska språk, modala partikler, modality, epistemic modality, deontic modality, dynamic modality, evidentiality, modality markers, Italian language
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Intercultural Studies