Research Project: The moving image editors' visual intention and the viewers' visual perception

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Thorbjörn Swenberg
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There are many ways to edit moving images, and a specific cut may be shaped in various ways. In this project we study how different kind of cuts are percieved visually by different viewers and we compare to what was the visual intention of the film editor.
In a previous explanatory study we have developed a method to grasp the conventions of film editing as well as the visual response from the viewer at specific cuts, where this can be related to an editors' intentions with each cut.
Now we research a lrger number of editing parameters at a larger number of viewers. Are there cuts that always works as the editor intended? When do they not, and why?
visuell intention, filmklippning, visuell perception, visual intention, film editing, visual perception
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Intercultural Studies
Moving Image Production
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