Transition, Identity and Civil Society

The research environment Transition, Identity and Civil Society (TICS) was established in 2013 and brings together researchers from primarily the fields of Political Science and Sociology at Dalarna University.

The research group gathers current and joint research that specialises in four principal areas:

  • Democracy’s Institutions: legislative-executive power, political parties, constitutional systems, regime change
  • Civic Engagement and Trust: civil society, divided societies, integration, political culture, national identity, tolerance
  • Specific Policy Areas: welfare, youth, integration, segregation, old age and aging
  • Digitalisation, digital media and culture      

In addition to research on Scandinavia and specifically Sweden, the research group carries out comparative studies with focus on, for example, the EU and Eastern and Central Europe. Most research is conducted in project form and receives external funding. Research involves collaboration with researchers from other subjects at Dalarna University as well as other higher education institutions and research institutions, both national and international.

The TICS seminar series includes guest lecturers, paper presentations, and thematically oriented seminars. Meetings are held about once a month. Please see the current seminar schedule for information about upcoming seminars.

Are you interested in receiving TICS emails, or do you have questions about TICS?

Please contact our seminar coordinators:

Magdalena Kania Lundholm, Associate Professor (Docent) of Sociology:

Thomas Sedelius, Professor of Political Science,


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