Course NA3010

Thesis for One-Year Master Degree in Economics

15 Credits
Second Cycle

Main field of study: Economics

The course has no instances planned right now

Learning outcomes for the course

The overall aim is to develop the student‘s ability to independently carry out research on an economic problem. After completing the course the student should be able to:

  • formulate an economically relevant research question. (1)
  • use and assess the relevance of scientific work related to the research question. (2)
  • compare relevant theories in depth and justify the chosen theoretical framework for the study. (3)
  • compare relevant methods in depth and justify the method chosen for the study. (4)
  • based on the selected theoretical framework and methodology collect and describe data relevant for the study. (5)
  • in a scientifically correct manner analyze and answer the research question. (6)
  • evaluate the scientific and practical relevance of the study results.(7)
  • write in a scientifically and linguistically appropriate manner. (8)
  • within economics make judgments with respect to relevant scientific, social and ethical aspects. (9)
  • demonstrate the ability to participate in research and development or other qualified activities. (10)
  • present the results and conclusions verbally and discuss these both with those who have special knowledge of the subject and those who do not. (11)
  • defend and discuss the results from different perspectives. (12)
  • in a scientifically correct manner, critically and constructively discuss another thesis. (13)