Assessment and Examinations

Most courses conclude with a written examination that students complete in a classroom or examination hall. Other forms of assessment are take-home examinations, labs, seminars and assignments. Remember that you must always register for an examination in advance.


Assessment leads to the allocation of a particular grade for part of the course or for the whole course. Assessment is when your teacher or an examiner tests your knowledge and understanding in an assignment or examination. The teacher or examiner then awards you a grade.

Some of the most common forms of examination are written classroom assignments, written reports, performance and involvement in labs, and written take-home examinations. The examination form chosen is determined by the course you are taking. You can find information about the assessment forms to be used in your course in your course room in Learn.

  • You must always present identification (I.D.) when you take an examination.
  • Your course syllabus will state the assessment forms for your course.
  • For each examination component, you are offered at least three examination opportunities during one year from the date of the course start.
  • Teachers have up to 15 working days to return your graded examination unless special circumstances arise.
  • After each examination, you have the right to go through the examination results and to receive an explanation as to why you were given the grade you received.
  • Normally, a new examination date is scheduled at the earliest two weeks after the first examination date and no later than four weeks after the first examination date.
  • If you have failed the exam twice, you have the right to have another examiner for a new exam unless there are special reasons not to do so.

Register for an Examination

You register for your examinations on the webpage Examination Services. Examination registration generally opens one month before your examination, and you must register no later than 10 working days before the date of the examination. You have registered successfully when you can see your registration under the section Examinations you are signed up for on the webpage Examination Services. Late registrations for examinations will not be accepted.

If you have questions about the examination itself, contact the course supervisor or the examiner.

Register for your examinations on the webpage Examination Services


The exam is conducted as a Campus Examination or an Online Examination. In some cases, you have the opportunity to write the exam at another location.

Exam Results

The results of your exam are reported into Ladok no later than 15 working days after the examination date. After your exam has been corrected, it is given to reception desk staff for scanning. You will then receive your exam as a pdf and can print it out.

See the results of your exam in Ladok

Special Accommodations During the Exam

If you have special needs that need to be accommodated, contact the Disability Coordinator well ahead of the examination. At the same time as you register for your examination, email and include the documentation from the Disability Coordinator that supports your request for special accommodations.

Resit Examinations (omtentamen) and Catch-Up Examinations (uppsamlingstentamen)

To be able to take a resit examination, you must be registered in the course. You can see your course registrations on the student web. If you see that you are not registered in the course, contact Once you have registered again for the course, you can register for the resit examination.

The course coordinator sometimes also offers resit exams at the so-called "uppsamlingstentamen” in August. However, it is up to each course coordinator to decide on this. It is therefore important that you contact the course coordinator well ahead of time to find out what they have decided. Registration for the resit exams in August opens at the beginning of June; the last day for registration is the first Sunday in August.

Examination Archive

Before an exam, you may find it useful to view exams from previous years to help you with your studies and to help you to prepare for your examination. You will also be able to see how an examination is composed and structured.

On the Examination Services page under the heading "Search among previous examinations", you can search the archives for exams for your specific course.

Search among previous examinations in the examination archive

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