Online Exams

You will take your exam in one of the examination rooms in Zoom.

These you can find by:

  • Logging onto the Student Web: there you select Meeting – Online Meeting Rooms (Zoom). On the right-hand side, you will see a list of the examination rooms; or

  • Logging in via

No later than 30 minutes before the exam begins, you should be in the examination room with valid identification. If you enter after the exam has started, you will not be allowed to take the exam.

If an exam will be held in several examination rooms, a notice will be published stating your examination room. The notice will be published a day or so before the date of the exam. The examination rooms are organised alphabetically according to the first letter of student surnames.

Register for the Exam

You register for your exam at the webpage Examination Services. You are registered when you can see your registration at Examination services, Examinations you are signed up for.

Notices in Learn will inform you when registration for exams is open. Late registrations will not be accepted.

When registering for an exam, you must provide a telephone number. This is the telephone number that the examination invigilator can reach you on during the exam. If the examination invigilator cannot see you on your screen, they must be able to contact you by phone. If they cannot get hold of you, then you will not be able to complete the exam.

You register for your exam at Examination Services

Not registered for the exam?

There is a limit of 14 students (places) per examination room. Students who are not registered for the examination may only take it if there is a place. You must log into the examination room no later than 40 minutes before the exam starts. There you will wait for information from the examination invigilator.

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection with a minimum of 2 Mbit/s
  • A screen that is at least 13ʺ
  • Headset or other speaker function: this is important for communication with the examination invigilator
  • A stand-alone web camera or another computer/screen/mobile device with a camera to film yourself with. The camera should be placed so that the examination invigilator can see you, your screen and part of your desk at all times (see the picture below).
  • Telephone on which the examination invigilator can reach you
  • If you use the camera on a mobile phone, you must have another mobile phone visible on your desk that the examination invigilator can reach you on during the exam.
  • Logged in with SSO in Zoom, instructions at the Zoom for students website
    Note: If you do not comply with the above, then you cannot take the exam.


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Locate the Exam in Learn

The exam is conducted in the learning management system used by Dalarna University that is called “Learn”. An exam may require you either to upload one or more files into Learn or to complete a test in Learn by answering questions there directly. Make sure you know ahead of time how to upload files and how to do a test in Learn. 

If you are required to take an exam on paper (your course coordinator will inform you about this), you can either scan the handwritten text using an app or you can take a photo of it. The app converts the image(s) into a PDF document. You can submit your exam as a PDF directly into Learn using your phone, or you can transfer the PDF to your computer and submit it into Learn that way. If you need to take a photo or to scan a handwritten text, you will receive an additional 30 minutes on top of the time allocated for the exam itself. The examination invigilator needs to watch you as you take a photo or scan your completed exam.

Before the exam, you can receive help with how to upload and write a test in Learn. For help, contact well in advance of your exam.

Support Services

If you would like help to check that your screen and sound work and to learn how to upload and write tests in Learn, go to the online support café well in advance of your exam.

Support café opening hours: Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00

Support Café (Zoom)


  • Late Arrival: If you enter the examination room late (i.e., after the exam has started), you will not be able to take the exam.
  • Authentication: You must be able to identify yourself with valid photo ID (passport, ID card or driver's licence).
  • Toilet Breaks: Write in the chat that you want to take a toilet break and wait for the examination invigilator to respond. If you are absent for more than 5 minutes from your desk for a toilet break, you will not be allowed to continue the exam. If you require a longer toilet break for health reasons, contact the Exam Coordinator at in conjunction with the exam registration no later than 10 working days before the exam date, there you should also write coursecode, examination date and examination campus. Only toilet breaks are permitted during the exam; no other breaks are permitted.
  • Exam adaptions: If you have a documented disability that physically, psychologically or cognitively affects your ability to study, you can apply for various forms of exam adaptations via If you have any questions about this, you can contact the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities at Dalarna University, Simon Blomgren:
  • Communication: During the exam, you are not allowed to communicate with anyone besides the examination invigilator. You may only use your telephone to receive calls from the examination invigilator.

Violation of Rules/Suspected Cheating

Dalarna University students must be aware that anyone who is caught with unauthorised aids or who otherwise tries to mislead or cheat during an exam will be reported to the Student Disciplinary Board for further ruling on whether disciplinary measures should be taken (warning/suspension for a maximum of six months), cf. Chapter 10, Chapter 2 and Section 9 of the Higher Education Ordinance. The examination invigilator has the right to remove students who behave disruptively or who otherwise refuse to follow instructions. 

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