Transfer of Credit for Previous Studies

You can usually receive credit towards your Dalarna University degree for courses that you have taken at other higher education institutions.

To be able to apply for credit transfer, you must be a student at Dalarna University.

A decision to grant credit transfer, to recognise previous studies or to grant course exemption means that you do not need to take courses that would give you the same knowledge, understanding and skills that you already have.

The purpose of credit transfer is to prevent you from having to take courses that would not provide you with any new knowledge, understanding and skills. The right to grant credit for previous education is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance and the Local Regulations (Handläggningsordning för tillgodoräknande, only in Swedish).

Credit transfer relates to the decision to include your previous education, or knowledge and skills gained in a professional context, in your course or degree.

Dalarna University distinguishes between:

  • credit transfer (tillgodoräknande)
  • acceptance of courses completed at other higher education institutions (tillgodogörande)
  • validation of prior learning

Once a decision for credit transfer has been made, you cannot withdraw/cancel your application.

Please note that credit transfer for a course can affect your student grant. Contact The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) with questions.

Be aware that if a decision on credit transfer is made before you complete your studies towards a degree, a review of potential course content overlap may be conducted when it is time to issue the degree certificate.

If you submit an application that is incomplete, then we will request that you complement your application with what is missing: this will result in a longer processing time of your application. 

If the missing documentation does not arrive within three weeks after we have asked you to complement your application, then you will be assessed accordning to what you have submitted.

The processing time for credit transfer can be up to eight weeks after Dalarna University receives a complete application. 

Page for Högskolan Dalarnas Course Syllabi.

Credit Transfer (Tillgodoräknande)

Credit transfer is when elements from your prior education are considered equal to a whole course or part of a course. This may be the case with one or more courses or one or more parts of a course. When you request credit transfer, we check the learning outcomes of the course(s) in question.

See Application form Transfer of Credits for Previous Studies

Courses Completed at Higher Education Institutions in Sweden (Tillgodogörande)

Tillgodogörande is when a course you successfully completed at another Higher Education Institution in Sweden (or in another country) can be included in a degree certificate issued by Dalarna University and reported in the degree certificate with its own title. This applies to whole courses only and is only the case if there is no overlap in course content.

There is no specific form that you need to fill in for course exemption. Instead, in your degree application, you state which courses from the other higher education institution in Sweden that you want to include. The decision on tillgodogörande is made at the same time your degree certificate is issued and normally does not require a written decision besides the issuing of a degree certificate.

Courses Completed at Higher Education Institutions in Other Countries (Tillgodogörande)

Tillgodogörande is when a course you successfully completed at another higher education institution in another country (i.e., not Sweden) can be included in a degree certificate issued by Dalarna University. Both the scope of the course and its level are considered, and there cannot be any course content overlap. The higher education institution must be accredited: that is to say, it must be endorsed by the educational authorities of the country in which it is located.

See the application form Transfer of Credits for Previous Studies (Tillgodogörande)
For exchange studies, see the information on our Exchange Studies webpage

Credit Transfer – Admission to Later Part of a Programme

If you have been admitted to the later part of a programme, you need to contact your programme coordinator as soon as possible. Your programme coordinator will draw up an individual study plan for your future programme studies that will clarify what from your previous education you can receive credit for in the programme. It is your responsibility to apply for credit transfer, and it is important that you do this as soon as you have been admitted.

Credit Transfer – Recognition of Prior Learning

Credit transfer through recognition of Prior Learning (not to be confused with validation for qualified admission to a course) is a structured method and process that enables the assessment, evaluation, documentation and recognition of a person’s knowledge and competence regardless of how these were acquired. That is to say, prior learning does not need to relate only to studies for which you received university credits: it can also relate to relevant professional experience.

More information on Recognition of Prior Learning

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