Exchange Studies

Broaden your global knowledge. Learn about a different culture. Discover life in a foreign place. Learn a new language, receive a stipend when you study in the EU! All this is possible when you take the first step to becoming both an exchange student and, in the process, an international citizen.
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Apply for Exchange Studies!

To go on an exchange, you need to apply to be nominated by Dalarna University: the start-to-finish process is explained below. Check if you are eligible för exchange studies

Application Periods

Application period for the next academic year 2020-2021: January 1st to February 15th, 2020

Apply for remaining exchange places during Spring 2021 between

1st August - 20th September 2020

Application Process

1. Decide on a Semester

If you are a programme student, read through your programme syllabus and contact your Programme Director to help plan your exchange. If you are a non-programme student, contact a study counsellor to find out how your studies can include an exchange study period.

2. Find a Partner University

Our Partner Universities

Nordplus Collaborations
Nordplus is a Nordic network that allows for student and staff mobility for long and short exchanges

3. Prepare Your Application Documents

  • A motivational letter where you explain why you want to go on an exchange
  • Programme students need to upload a recommendation from the programme coordinator
  • If you are taking single subject courses, upload a study plan that shows how you plan to complete your degree
  • Certificates from the Student Union or other merits (optional)

4. Apply

Application for Outgoing Students (this link takes you to a portal: log-in may be required)

We look forward to nominating you for exchange studies as soon as we have processed your application. If we receive many applications for an exchange, then we make a selection based on set criteria: see Exchange Studies: Qualifications and Selection Criteria.

5. After Nomination

  • Ahead of and during your Erasmus exchange, you can take an online Erasmus+ preparatory course: see Erasmus+ Language Courses.
  • When you have accepted the nomination, we will call you to attend an information meeting. We will send a nomination email to the partner university. No later than five weeks after this, the partner university will email you a Letter of Acceptance with instructions on how to apply for courses and accommodation. Forward the Letter of Acceptance to 
  • Prepare a Learning Agreement 
  • Erasmus and Nordplus students are eligible for a grant. You do not need to apply for it separately, you will receive information via e-mail.

6. Before and During the Exchange

  • Register your exchange in studentladok. You can do this two weeks before our semester starts.
  • If you have financial support from CSN, inform them in case you want to keep it during the exchange.
  • We would like you to inform others about the opportunity that exists to study at Dalarna University when requested to do so by the partner university. Contact us if you need help with this.
  • You will take a Dala Horse with you: order one from our International Office. Use it in photographs and send to us for our internationalisation campaign. At the end of your exchange, give the horse to somebody at the partner university or at the place you lived whom you found to be especially helpful.
  • Before returning to Sweden, request a Transcript of Records from the partner university. It will normally be sent directly to you.

7. After Your Exchange- Recognition of Study Results

  • The credits for the courses you completed successfully are entered into Ladok as soon as we receive your Transcript of Records. We also post the decision to you. Upload your Transcript of Records here.
  • If you are an Erasmus student, you will complete a web-based evaluation and may have to take a language test upon your return. In both cases, you will receive an email from our Erasmus Coordinator with links and instructions.
  • Upon your return, we would appreciate your help informing other students about exchange opportunities.

8. Important Information

Erasmus Student Charter

-your rights and obligations as an Erasmus student


  • Erasmus and Nordplus students receive a grant: we send you information about this as soon as you are nominated.
  • Contact CSN if you receive funding from them and want to retain this during the exchange. CSN automatically receives information about your exchange studies; however, they may also need documentation about your exchange.


During the exchange, you have insurance through Kammarkollegiet: see our Insurance webpage. For exchanges within the EU, also order an EU-kort from Försäkringskassan (applies only to Swedish residents).



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Travel Climate Smart

Think about the environment when you travel - by choosing the train to get to and from your destination, you will receive an extra 250 Euros in scholarship funds.

Organise Your Own Exchange

If you choose to organise your own exchange, plan well ahead of time. Contact your Director of Programme and the Study Counsellors to find out how this will affect your degree. You can find more information on this subject on

Applicants for Japanese Universities

Requirements for Japanese universities:

  • Applicants will be nominated for one exchange semester.
  • You must have taken and passed the course "Nutida Japan: Kultur och samhälle".
  • You must attend an interview on campus before a decision on nomination can be made.

Student Guide to Japan 2019-2020

Applicants for Chinese Universities

You may be nominated to one semester´s exchange in the first place

Credit Guide
  • Full-time studies within the EU, where ECTS credits are used: 30 ECTS per semester
  • Great Britain uses ECTS as well as CATS: 15 CATS = 7.5 credits (högskolepoäng)
  • Canada: 0.5 credits = 7.5 credits (högskolepoäng)
  • USA: at least 12 credits per semester
  • Japan and China: contact
The Journey to China

Students who successfully complete the course package "Journey to China" will automatically qualify to participate in the exchange programs between Dalarna University and Chinese partner universities for one semester. You inform your course coordinator if you are interested in the exchange possibility. 

The course package has an intake in Autumn only.