Erasmus+ Traineeships

Erasmus+ traineeships are a great opportunity for you to experience another culture while receiving financial support and adding a strong international dimension to your CV that will serve you well as you enter the job market.

Erasmus+ Traineeship: Rewards and Benefits

  • Gain work experience that will make you more attractive to potential employers.
  • Get the chance to work with interesting topics related to your field of study.
  • Improve your language skills and gain intercultural skills.
  • Receive funding to help cover living costs during the traineeship period.
  • Add an international dimension to your CV (such experience is commonly sought by employers when they are hiring).
  • Take advantage of a programme designed to help you take the first step into the job market.

Apply for an Erasmus+ Traineeship

Find a Traineeship Position, Within or Outside the EU 

You can complete a traineeship at a company, organisation, or research and education centre in any Erasmus country outside Sweden. You can also complete Erasmus+ traineeships outside Europe. Dalarna University has a limited number of stipends for that purpose.

EU institutions or organisations that coordinate EU programmes are excluded from funding(webpage).

You must yourself find your traineeship position and contact the organisation in question.

Here are examples of web pages where you can begin your search:

There are numerous other online services that you can search for by using the words Erasmus "internship" or "traineeship".

The traineeship should relate to your field of study. You must carry out the traineeship in a country outside Sweden and outside the country where you have your accommodation during your studies.  

The traineeship must be full-time and last for 2 to 12 months and should contribute to your education and future degree at Dalarna University. You can complete your traineeship at any time during your university studies. Provided you apply before you complete your studies, you can also do an internship up to 12 months after you graduate. You can do a traineeship during the summer holiday period or use your traineeship time for research and preparation ahead of your degree project.

Language Courses

To prepare for your mobility, take a language course!

Online Language Course(web)

Prepare a Learning Agreement

Ask the employer for a written job offer, which should provide contact details, information about where and when you are going to work, and a description of your work duties. E-mail this to the Erasmus Coordinator: Susanne Corrigox,, who will give you instructions on how to fill out a Learning Agreement.


To receive an Erasmus+ stipend you must live in the country of destination during the traineeship. The stipend amount for a traineeship in the EU is 550-600 €/month; for positions outside the EU, the monthly grant is 700 €. 

There is no application deadline and you can apply on an ongoing basis. Note that you cannot be approved for a scholarship after the traineeship has commenced. You will receive a grant agreement to complete and sign. Payment is made as soon as the employer informs us that you have commenced your traineeship.


During your traineeship period, you are covered by StudentUT Insurance.

StudentUT InsuranceInsurance

After Your Return

You will receive a Traineeship Certificate from the employer no later than five weeks after you complete your traineeship. You will also receive an email with a link to an obligatory online evaluation for completion.

The traineeship period will be entered into Ladok and will be included in the Diploma Supplement: this is a degree certificate appendix (so long as you have not already requested your degree certificate, in which case you will receive other certification of your completed traineeship).

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Study and Career Counsellors

Do you have questions about exchange studies?

Welcome to Zoom drop-in meetings every Tuesday 15.00-15.30 to talk with a study and career counsellor. (Summer break until June 30) 

Book an personal meeting with a study and career counsellor to discuss exchange opportunities.

If you have questions about scholarships, contact the Erasmus Coordinator:

Travel Climate Smart

Think about the environment when you travel - by choosing the train or bus to get to and from your destination, you will receive extra scholarship funds.

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