New students need first to create a user account and then register online for each course. Online course registration opens two weeks before the course start and closes the Sunday before the course start.


You are responsible for registering for each freestanding course/programme course that you have been admitted to before it begins. If you do not register on time, you may lose your place. Registration is online and opens two weeks before the course starts and closes on the Sunday the week before the course starts. You can see the online registration period for your course(s) on

Create a DU user account

The following information applies to international students who are NOT registered (folkbokförd) as residents in Sweden.

You can create a user account as a student before your arrival as soon as you have been admitted to our courses and received your Notification of Selection Results.

First, order a "Key" by emailing Copy and paste this sentence into your email: "I am a new international student and would like a key (nyckel)". Include your name and date of birth. You will receive a response by email.

Once you receive the "Key", you need to create a new electronic identity (user account). To do this:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose "New Electronic Identity", then "Key"
  3. Enter the "Personal Code No" found on your Notification of Selection Results and the "Key" you received via e-mail.

This user account will only give you limited access to our online facilities. Once you register for your individual courses and obtain a key card, you will have full access to all student facilties and services.

Online Registration

To be able to register for courses at Dalarna University, you must first create an electronic identity (DU user account). You then register online on the student portal Ladok – Make sure you select Dalarna University where it says “Choose university”

Screen dump showing login information

Screen dump showing login information

You will now see which courses you are registered in: it can take up to 12 hours for all your courses to appear in the University's online learning platform (Learn).
If you require help, please contact Support.

Why is it important to register?

When you register, you accept and claim your place in a course. If you do not register during the registration period (as described above), you will lose that place. You must be registered if you want to take part in classes, take examinations and receive grades. You must also be registered if you plan to receive CSN grants.

Decline Your Place in a Course

If you do not want to retain your place in a course and have not yet registered for it, decline your place in your account on

If you have registered for a course but no longer want to take it, decline your place on

Fee-Paying Students

If you are a fee-paying student and no longer want to take a course you have registered for, you must cancel your course registration within three weeks of the course start so that you can use the course fee towards the payment of another course.

Conditional Admission

If you have been conditionally admitted, you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the entry requirements during the same period of time that you are able to register. Only then can you register for your programme/course on time and in so doing claim your place in it. If your programme/course has already started, you must be able to demonstrate that you meet the entry requirements within 48 hours of receiving your admission decision so that you do not risk losing your place.

Admission After the Course Start

If you receive a late admission to a course that has already begun, you will not be able to register online (as described above). Instead, you will need to email and ask to be registered in the course in question. Do this within 48 hours of admission so that you do not lose your place.


If you were registered on a course that for some reason you did not complete, you can request to be re-registered. Re-registration on a course is possible on the condition that it is offered and has not been discontinued.

If you have not received any credits in the course that you were previously registered in, then you can apply to take the course again (a re-registration) by submitting a new application on The application will be considered a late application and, in some cases, your application may be listed as deleted until your application has been processed. Admission and re-registration are only possible when there is a place in the course.

If you have received credits in the course that you were previously registered in, then you can re-register directly through the University. To do this, email (Note, you can apply for re-registration for the coming semester after - but no earlier than - you have received your admission decision.) In your email, state that you want to re-register, give the name of the course, state which parts of the course you want to complete, and give your name and personal identity number (personnummer).

Re-registration is subject to place availability in the course. 

Resume Programme Studies

If you started a programme but did not complete it, you can apply to resume your studies. There are two ways to do this: the one you can choose depends on whether you had an approved leave from studies (studieuppehåll)

Resume: With Approved Leave from Studies (studieuppehåll)

If you received an approved leave from studies, see the information on the webpage Approved Leave from Studies. Note that you need to contact Dalarna University well in advance of the deadline for applications for the term you want to resume your studies in case there have been any changes to the programme.

  • You have taken 29.5 credits or fewer in the programme: re-apply to the programme on before the application deadline. You will be placed in a queue after first-time applicants, and you will be admitted if a place is available. If the programme is open for late applications, you may also apply late. Late applications are put in a queue queued in the order they are received.
  • You have 30 credits or more in the programme: you may make a so-called “Application to a Later Stage in a Programme” as long as the programme is open for applications to a later stage. For more information, see Application: Later Stage in a Programme (webpage).

You lose your place in the programme if:

  • you decide not to complete your programme and do not receive an approved leave from studies
  • you are approved a leave from studies but do not follow the conditions stated in the approval.
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