Exams at Another Location

You can choose to take an examination at another location than a Dalarna University campus.

Note that some examinations can only be taken on campus. However, in some cases you can choose to take a campus examination at another location. When you register for your exam, you will find information that states whether or not this is possible.

Please note that organising an exam at another location takes time. Your first step is to find a location.

Approved Locations

  • Other higher education institutions, Swedish authorities or local study centres (lärcentrum).
  • Outside Sweden: the Church of Sweden (Svenska kyrkan), Swedish embassies and international Swedish schools are acceptable.
  • Universities and colleges in other parts of Scandinavia are also acceptable.

You can find your local study centre (lärcentrum) at www.nitus.se. Please note that it can be difficult to find a suitable location in Västergötland, Stockholm and Skåne.

Book an Exam at Another Location

It is up to you as a student to contact the place where you want to take your exam and also to ensure that it can accommodate you on the same day and time as your regular examination is to take place on Campus Borlänge or Campus Falun.

Approved variation in start time: +/- 1 hour from the scheduled campus examination start time. This does not include digital/computer/online exams.

Give the person who is hosting the exam (the "accommodator") the details below, and also state which campus you study at (Campus Borlänge or Campus Falun):

Högskolan Dalarna
Avdelningen för Studentservice och utbildningsadministration
791 88 Falun

Email: tentamen@du.se
Telephone: 023-77 88 88

You also need to get the contact information of both the accommodator and a contact person there. Enter this information in the examination registration form on the Examination Services page on the Student Web.

Basic requirement: invigilation and a guarantee that only approved study aids will be used. Please note that you must cover all costs that may arise.

What happens next?

The Examination Coordinator will contact the accommodator directly and arrange for the examination to be sent to them 3-5 days before the scheduled examination time. If you are unable to attend the examination, you must cancel the arrangement with the accommodator and de-register on the Examination Services page on the Student Web.

After the exam, the accommodator will send the exam to the Examination Coordinator at Dalarna University.

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