Research Project: The Swedish Wool Initiative 2.0

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Catia Cialani
Klas Sundberg
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Swedish wool is well suited for the design of circular and safe products. Despite an increasing interest from the industry to use Swedish wool in textiles and other materials, the market conditions for taking care of wool are not sufficiently developed in Sweden. Hence, more than half of the Swedish wool is thrown away, approximately 540 tons of waste is generated annually from discarded wool. At the same time, we see an continuously increase of imported of wool from e.g. China, Australia, South Africa and Norway. It is a huge resource inefficiency in the industry based on linear business models.
The purpose of the project is to build system capacity to take care of all the wool produced in Sweden. The project will develop innovative products and materials, both in textile production and other industries, through circular design and the use
of a new circular business model, as well as the implementation of a new tool that ensure the quality of Swedish wool by grading it. The focus in product development and innovations is scalability and commercialization.
The project will also develop a model for a regional collection station to be used as a platform for the collection and classification of wool in Dalarna. Climate data and other sustainability aspects will be analyzed so that the product environmental footprint (PEF) becomes quantifiable.
Through cooperation in the entire value chain, resource efficiency will increases when larger volumes and all qualities of Swedish wool will be used and refined, the brand for Swedish wool will be strengthened and more products developed for circular product use with guaranteed sustainability benefits will reach end consumers.
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Business Administration and Management