Research Project: SMART-Small scale testing & cracking behaviour of Ti LDMp repairs

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Jayaraj Jayamani
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The SMART project aims at utilizing and developing small-scale testing of Ti6Al4V repair components produced by Laser Metal Deposition-Powder (LMDp), an additive manufacturing process for aerospace applications. Currently, aero-engine metallic components are manufactured by casting and forging processes, but the LMDp technique has gained much attention in repairing aero-engine components due to its flexibility and reliability in controlling various process parameters. The results from the SMART project will yield knowledge about the effect of microstructure variation on the mechanical performance of the material in different sections of the base and repaired Ti6Al4V components.
Ti6Al4V, additiv tillverkning, mikrostruktur, mekaniska egenskaper, jTi6Al4V, additive manufacturing, microstructure, mechanical properties
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Steel Forming and Surface Engineering
Materials Technology