Research Project: Professional Practice Development with a Foundation in the Educational Sciences

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Mattias Gradén
Sara Irisdotter Aldenmyr
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According to the Swedish Education Act (Skollagen), the education system must have a solid scientific foundation, with teachers expected to base their work on current research from the field of educational sciences. In this project, we are interested in how teachers read and interpret research. The main aim of the project is to develop a deeper understanding of the meeting point between educational practice and the different types of content in research articles. To achieve this aim, we developed a method that identifies the intertextual meeting points between research texts and experiences from teachers’ practice.
skolutveckling, skolforskning, vetenskaplig grund, professionsspråk., school development, educational science, scientific foundation, professional language.
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Education and Learning
Educational Work
PUD Pedagogiskt Utvecklingscentrum Dalarna