Research Project: Movement subject knowledge in physical education teacher education

Project leader
Håkan Larsson, GIH, NIH
Project Members
Gunn Nyberg
Dean Barker, ÖU
Jan-Eric Ekberg, MAU
Project Period
Project Status
Movement and development of overall movement capacity - or movement knowledge - are key aspects of school physical education (PE) and thus also of physical education teacher education (PETE). The purpose of the project is to explore movement knowledge in PETE with the aim of providing means to (re)conceptualise movement subject knowledge in PETE and by extension also PE. This purpose is justified by the fact that current conceptualisations of ‘knowledge’ in both PETE and PE are restricted more or less to movement techniques, often expressed as skill in isolated and decontextualized movement activities, which occur parallel with, yet isolated from, health information. The project will involve four pedagogical sequences where movement content is planned, taught and explored in collaboration between researchers, PETE educators and students.
Ämneskunskaper, rörelse, idrott och hälsa, lärarutbildning, Subject knowledge, movement, physical education, teacher education
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