Gunn Nyberg

Personlig presentation av Gunn Nyberg

Senior Lecturer Sport and Health Sciences
Educational Work 2 School of Teacher Education
Fil dr Utbildningsvetenskap
Educational Work 2 School of Teacher Education
Associate Professor Idrotts- och hälsovetenskap inriktning pedagogik
Educational Work 2 School of Teacher Education

This year, 2023-2024 I have a position as a professor in Sport Science and Physical Education at University in Agder, Norway. I still work 20% at HDa, supervising doctoral students.


I teach scientific theory, scientific writing, didactics, assessment and grades, practice based research, norms in movement cultures as well as movement courses with a focus on dance and swimming, where we simultaneously test theories about learning and teaching.

Course Coordinator


My research interest is directed towards knowledge, knowing, learning and teaching. In several projects, the driving force has been to challenge, and explore alternatives to, narrow and exclusionary notions of what it means to 'be good in physical education' and what movement capability can mean if the actor's experience is taken into account. My interest in knowledge, knowing, learning and teaching involves also other subjects such as Swedish and Mathematics. Most of the research projects are carried out in schools and higher education, several of which are in collaboration with teachers and teacher educators.