Research Project: Agent-GIS-5GDHC: Techno-economic performance and feasibility study of the 5GDHC technology using agent based modelling and GIS

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Xingxing Zhang
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Pei Huang
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The 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC) network has great advantages in integration of low temperature resource, bi-directional operation, decentralized energy flows, and possible energy sharing. However, this technology remains three main research gaps in the Baltic-Nordic regions, including (1) the lack of a simulation platform for rapid prototyping in different regions, (2) the unknown techno-economic performance in various conditions, and (3) the lack of feasibility study for early opportunities and potential barriers.

This project therefore aims to develop a simulation platform, based on agent based modelling and Geographic Information System (GIS) technique, to exam the techno-economic performance of the 5GDHC technology and explore the feasible applications in Baltic-Nordic regions. It will adopt an integrated multi-disciplinary approach by combining technological database development, digital-GIS resource mapping, techno-economic simulation, business model optimization and policy-orientated feasibility study for dissemination/replication.
5GDHC, Agent-based modelling, GIS, 5GDHC, Agent-based modelling, GIS
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Energy and Built Environments
Energy Technology
Nordisk Energiforskning