Research Project: EXIT – Risk communication and responsibility: New perspectives on evacuation practices

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Annelie Ädel
Catharina Nyström Höög
Jan-Ola Östman
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EXIT is a research project at Dalarna University with funding for research initiation from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation (from June 2020 to December 2021).

* Purpose of the project *
At the heart of this research project is the very question of responsibility in relation to issues of risk and security and the fundamental role that language and communication play for our understanding of the role of responsibility in security matters in society. Put differently, the question involves how risk communication should best be realized in order to result in activity and responsibility, rather than in discouragement and despondency. We seek to provide a deeper knowledge base for understanding how language and other semiotic resources (pictures, symbols, colors) are used to increase people’s dispositions to take in and make use of information about security in their everyday lives. Risk and security affect us on both a personal and a societal level. In the project, we are primarily interested in issues of responsibility and security in relation to communication about evacuation. Evacuation (and its “opposite”, quarantine) comes to the fore in fire hazards, in relation to risks of explosions, in terror attacks, in outbreaks of virus diseases etc. In terms of theory, we will also be exploring how manifestations of the very concept of responsibility are used and perceived: how water-tight are the lines between moral and legal responsibility, between personal and collective responsibility?

We focus on both what evacuation information to the general public looks like and how this information is produced, perceived and complied with.
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Intercultural Studies
Riksbankens Jubileumsfond