Research Project: REARCH (Rehabilitation and architecture)

Project leader
Marie Elf
Project Members
Maya Kylén
Ann Heylighen , Faculty of Engineering Science KU Leuven
Hélène Pessah-Rasmussen, Department of Clinical Sciences Lund Lunds Universitet
Lena von Koch, Karolinska Institutet | Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society
Charlotte Ytterberg, Sektionen för fysioterapi, NVS Karolinska Institutet
Project Period
Project Status
Health services will change dramatically as the prevalence of home healthcare increases. Only technologically advanced acute care will be performed in hospitals. This change – along with the increased healthcare needs of people with long-term conditions such as stroke and the rising demand for services to be more person-centred – will place pressure on healthcare to consider quality across the continuum of care. Positive results indicate that planned discharge tailored to individual patient needs can reduce adverse events and promote competence in self-management. However, the environmental factors that may play a role in a patient’s recovery process – remain unexplored. Therefore, the aim of this project is to explore factors in the environment that can support or hinder a person-centred rehabilitation process in the home. Research on the associations among the environment, patients’ health and care processes, especially in rehabilitation care, is lacking. We have brought together a team of international experts in rehabilitation care and healthcare design to explore environmental factors and their interrelationship with outcomes (health, rehabilitation activities and person-centred care) for people with stroke during the post-stroke period at home. The study design is exploratory with an ethnographic approach, where a number of patients will be followed to their homes. Questionnaires, interviews and observations will be used for the data collection. In addition, we will investigate medical records, and in a co-design process with persons with stroke, significant others and healthcare personnel, identify important environmental factors to consider in the communication between inpatient and primary care providers. This to ensure the best possible at-home rehabilitation.
Stroke, rehabilitering, miljö, person-centrerad vård, hemmet, Stroke, rehabilitation, environment, person-centred care, home
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Caring Science
Högskolan Dalarna