Research Project: LEX - sustainable Living Environments for people with psychiatric disabilities. Aligning housing planning and social services through eXperimental collaborative practices

Project leader
Project Members
Maria Fjellfeldt
Lina Berglund Snodgrass, Fysisk planering Blekinge tekniska högskola
Ebba Högström, Fysisk planering Blekinge tekniska högskola
Urban Markström, Socialt arbete Umeå universitet
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Following the deinstitutionalisation of psychiatry, there's a political goal that people with psychiatric disabilities (PD) should live in the open society. Their wellbeing concerning housing and social support is a municipal responsibility. At the same time, the municipality is also responsible for developing a housing supply program that includes strategies for addressing the overall housing needs of the municipality, including people with PD. There's a lack of knowledge about the interaction between housing support and housing supply planning, and in what extent the experiences of people with PD is considered.

The aims of the LEX-project are to

a) map current planning and available housing provision for people with psychiatric disabilities, and to

b) develop innovative methods for including the group within cross sectoral collaboration of strategic housing development.

In the first work package, a mixed method survey will be conducted in 10 municipalities. In the second work package, a living lab methodology for multi-actor collaborations will be developed based on active inclusion of people with PD. The model will be pursued within two municipal organisations with the objective of experimenting with participatory methods for developing socially sustainable housing strategies.

Theoretical perspectives that will guide the project is based on critical concepts on mental illness and disability, and collaboration as a core concept in public management.
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