Research Project: Teaching Methods in web-Based Language Teaching-Mapping

Project leader
Rieko Hattori
Project Members
Alex dos Santos Pruth
Hiroko Inose
Yoko Mizufune
Masako Thor, HDa
Project Period
Project Status
The project “Pedagogical Methods” aims the investigation of teaching methods used in Web-Based education in the language department of the Dalarna University. We are five teachers from the Japanese and Portuguese departments, and our intention is to make a mapping about the methodology adopted by teachers and the problems they face using the Connect and Fronter platforms. We are currently conducting and transcribing interviews with the teachers, to present the results in October this year. Our focus is the methodology adopted by teachers, such as the type of contact established between them and the students, what are the evidences of development and which pedagogical problems must be solved in order to improve the courses’ credibility.
pedagogiska metoder , pedagogical methods
Research Profile
Education and Learning
Högskolan Dalarna