Research Project: Live to Be a Hundred: Cultural Narratives of Longevity

Project leader
Aagje Swinnen, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Project Members
Billy Gray
Carmen Zamorano Llena
Project Period
Project Status
This is a research network formed by 7 research groups on cultural gerontology based at the European and American universities cited above. My collaboration in this research network is as a member of the Dedal-Lit research group, based at the University of Lleida, Spain. The aim of this network is to coordinate and organise joint research activities in the field of cultural gerontology. These activities include the organisation of two symposia, two joint publications, the establishment of the European Network in Ageing Studies (ENAS), and the discussion and preparation of applications for the Marie Curie Initial Training Network 2012, and the FP7 application for 2012.

MEMBER UNIVERSITIES AND COUNTRIES: Centre for Gender and Diversity, Maastricht University, The Netherlands; Women Ageing Media (WAM) research group, University of the West of England, and University of York, UK; Grup Dedal-Lit, University of Lleida, Spain; National Institute for the Study of Ageing and Later Life (NISAL), Linköping University and Gävle University, Sweden; Austrian/German Aging Studies Group; University of Graz, University of Rostock, University of Postdam and University of Mainz, Austria and Germany; NWSA Aging and Ageism Caucus, Hiram College, University of South Maine, Brandeis University and University of New Mexico (USA); MLA Age Studies Discussion Group, USA.
Research Profile
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research