Research Project: The Experience of Migration in Contemporary Irish, Spanish, and Swedish Fiction

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Carmen Zamorano Llena
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The aim of this project is to analyse contemporary Irish, Spanish and Swedish fiction and explore how the experience of migration has effected thematic changes in this literary production. As Leslie A. Adelson has argued in The Turkish Turn in Contemporary German Literature, “the literature of migration is not written by migrants alone” (2005: 23). Thus, this project will focus not only on the work produced by the “new” Irish, Spanish and Swedish writers, but it will also consider how the political and social processes of immigration influence the existing literary systems in those countries. The work will analyse representations of the migrant experience, as well as how the migratory processes have effected what Rebecca L. Walkowitz calls “a shift from nation-based paradigms” (2006: 533) to “transnational models emphasizing the global space of ongoing travel and transcontinental connection” (2006: 906).
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Intercultural Studies