Research Project: Electronic Communication and the Need for Speed

Project leader
Una Cunningham
Project Members
Kristy Beers Fägersten
Elin Holmsten
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Globalisation has extended competition from local to international markets, requiring companies to adapt their communication strategies accordingly. Advances in technology have established e-mail, video conferencing and web-based interaction, among others, as common tools for education and corporate communication. Electronic media have also helped to establish English as a global lingua franca, and consequently, communication among a world-wide population of both native and non-native speakers has been enabled. Not only does lingua franca interaction entail communicative limitations, but electronic communication is constrained as well. This project proposes to examine second language communicative processes at work in three types of electronically mediated texts which are subject to constraints of time and space. In a four-way partnership with Electronic Arts-Europe, Conny Ericsson Försäljning AB, Tension Graphics and Högskolan Dalarna, electronic communication will be analyzed in the contexts of entertainment, sales and education.
The primary goal of the investigation is to account for how linguistic and situational constraints in the electronic medium are overcome via interactional strategies for effective communication: the `need for speed.´ The objectives of the proposed study are to determine the linguistic correlates of the need for speed in electronic communication, providing a descriptive analysis of how effectiveness and efficiency of communication are realized. This project combines quantitative and qualitative data analysis, based on individual corpora of electronic texts in the form of video game transcripts, online sales interactions and web-based instruction. The result will be the situating of electronic communication in a socio-cultural context, with the immediate benefits of defining effective communication in the electronic medium and increasing the communicative competence of its users.
elektronisk kommunikation, spel, försäljning, utbildning, electronic communication, games, sales, education
Research Profile
Language, Learning and Culture
Conny Ericsson Försäljning AB
Electronic Arts - Northern Europe Division
Högskolan Dalarna
Tension Graphics