Why Work Here?

Centrally located in Sweden, Dalarna is a province with much to offer. By joining us at Dalarna University, you can experience all of this, while also becoming part of our vision to create knowledge for all at all levels - local, regional and national - while also enjoying a number of work benefits.


With its many listed buildings and old wooden villages, Dalarna's historical past is ever visible. In the town of Falun stands the sprawling Falu copper mine, which is now a World Heritage Site and annual host to such events as Christmas markets and the Walpurgis Night bonfire and firework display. Then there are the much-loved Zorn and Larsson museums, which display the artwork of some of Dalarna's most prominent artists, as well as other museums and places of interest: see our webpage that details free-time activities and events.

Stunning Natural Surroundings

The provincial landscape offers wonderful opportunities for exploration in an area that places great importance on preservation and conservation. The location of Dalarna is such that the landscape is clearly defined by the seasons: while the winters can be cold (-20 degrees Celsius is not unusual), the summers can be hot and dry with temperatures up in the high 20 degrees Celsius.

Where the Rural and Urban Meet

Dalarna offers visitors a comfortable small-town feel yet still offers all you might expect from modern urban life: international cuisine, movie theatres, specialty cafés, organic bakeries, and dance studios to give but a few examples. Borlänge and Falun, the two major towns - and the locations of our two campuses - are large enough to offer visitors what they need, but small and friendly enough to be welcoming to all.

Our Vision

Our aim is for all at Dalarna University - staff and students alike - to be instrumental in creating knowledge both alone as well as alongside our collaborative partners both globally and locally. The foundations of our vision are equality, sustainable development and global responsibility as we work towards a sound society.

We work actively to ensure our staff have the opportunity to engage in ongoing education, be it through, for example, competence development or mentorship. Furthermore, we work openly and closely with other institutes of higher education, both within and outside Sweden, and encourage international mobility and exchange.

See our Vision and Goals.

Job Benefits


Your salary depends on your qualifications and experience. This means that you and your employer will agree on the salary before you enter employment.

Generous Holidays

You are entitled to holiday time from the first year of your employment. Depending on your age, you are entitled to 28-35 days of annual leave. If you are employed only part of the year, the number of days of annual leave are based on the length of your employment. In addition to your regular salary, you will also receive an extra payment when you are on holiday.

Parent-Friendly Workplace

If you are on parental leave you will receive a supplement during the first 360 days of your parental leave. In addition you can also shorten your working hours by as much as 25 percent until your child is 12 years old.


As an employee you are covered by a number of insurance policies which are valid in different circumstances: if you are injured at work or if something happens to you, some degree of financial protection is provided to your family.

Keep-Fit Activities

As an employee, you are entitled to spend one hour of your regular working hours each week on keep-fit activities.

Occupational Health Services

We offer occupational health services. The purpose of the occupational health service is that employees can receive help with problems, physical or psychological, that are work-related.

Coverage in the Event of Illness

If you should fall ill, you will receive supplementary financial coverage for days 15 to 365, independent of your income. You are entitled to visit a doctor during working hours. You will also be compensated for treatment fees and prescription drugs.

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