Course GEG26G

Sustainable Energy Systems

10 Credits
First Cycle

Starts week 4, 2025

This course deals with complex energy systems, meaning systems which include both the supply and use of energy. This can, for example, be municipal energy systems which include district heating and its use in the built environment, industrial energy systems which include primary resources for electricity and heat in processes and support systems and an overview of regional energy systems from primary energy resources for use in various sectors of society.

Energy technology and systems are put into context regarding resource use and how this affects the environment both locally and globally. The course will here centre on sustainable development with a focus on the handling of resource and environmental impact.

The concept of energy systems will also be widened to include a socio technical system approach, which means that social components are included in order to explain how systems are designed and how they change over time depending on the actions of professionals and the way in which business investments, institutional regulations and policy instruments affect their decisions.

A number of lectures are given initially on the concept of sustainable development, efficient use of Earth’s resources for different purposes, energy and environmental evaluation methods, as well as some current regulations and policy instruments. Some lectures are also given to provide examples of various types of provincial, municipal and industrial energy systems. The course includes exercises and home assignments in modeling an energy system, resource handling and LCA.

Throughout the course, students will work on a project in the form of a case study. The formulation of the problem can either originate in a real project in a company or alternatively in a more research-oriented project at the university.

Starts and ends:
week 4, 2025 - week 13, 2025
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Only for Exchange Students (Erasmus)
Entry Qualifications :
  • 90 credits in the Energy Engineering Programme
  • Industrial Heat Technology 7.5 credits
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