Registration and Roll-Call
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New students need first to create a user account and then register online for each course. Online course registration opens two weeks before the course start and closes the Sunday before the course start. You must also attend roll-call (call for participation) to secure your place.

There are two parts to your registration process: one, you need to create a DU user account and two, you need to register online for each individual course. The information below explains this two-step process.

1. Create a DU user account

The following information applies to international students who are NOT registered (folkbokförd) as residents in Sweden.

You can create a user account as a student before your arrival as soon as you have been admitted to our courses and received your Notification of Selection Results.

Creating a DU user account

First, order a "Key" by emailing Copy and paste this sentence into your email: "I am a new international student and would like a key (nyckel)". Include your name and date of birth. You will receive a response by email.

Once you receive the "Key", you need to create a new electronic identity (user account). To do this:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose "New Electronic Identity", then "Key"
  3. Enter the "Personal Code No" found on your Notification of Selection Results and the "Key" you received via e-mail.

This user account will only give you limited access to our online facilities. Once you register for your individual courses and obtain a key card, you will have full access to all student facilties and services.

2. Register Online for Each Individual Course

Follow these steps to register in a course (at the earliest, two weeks prior to course start):

To register you first need to create an electronic identity (above).

When you have an electronic identity, you can register via the Ladok Student interface you will see the screen below - select Dalarna University.

Screen dump showing login information

Screen dump showing login information

You will now see which courses you are registered in: it can take up to 12 hours for all your courses to appear in the University's online learning platform (Learn).


If you experience problems with the above, contact support.

Roll-Call (Call for Participation)

A roll-call (also termed call for participation) will be held ahead of your course/programme. This is when your name is read out by the teacher and you confirm your place in the course. Often, this happens on the first day of your course and can take place either online or on campus, depending on whether your course is online or on campus.

If you cannot attend the roll-call, you should notify administration ahead of time by emailing

Decline Place in Course

If you do not want to retain your place in a course and have not yet registered for it, decline the place in your account on

If you have registered for a course but no longer want to take it, decline the place on

Fee paying students who no longer wish to take a course they have previously registered for, must cancel their course registration within three weeks of the course start in order to be able to use the course fees towards the payment of another course.


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