Grading and Credit Systems

Dalarna University implements the ECTS credit system as well as various grading systems.

Grading System

  • Dalarna University uses historical grade distribution as recommended by the ECTS Users' Guide.
  • Students can receive a Transcript of Records showing the historical distribution of awarded grades since the course was established.
    Grade distribution will not be shown for courses that have been running for fewer than two years.
  • ECTS Grades A-F will no longer be used for grade conversion. 

When you request recognition of previous studies from other institutions, credits are registered but not the grades.

These are the four grading scales that we use at Dalarna University:

Grading Scale Swedish Grade Translation
Alternative I G (Godkänd) Pass
U (Underkänd) Fail
Alternative II VG (Väl godkänd) Pass with credit
G (Godkänd) Pass
U (Underkänd) Fail
Alternative III 5 Pass with distinction
4 Pass with merit
3 Pass
U Fail
Alternative IV A (Framstående) Excellent
B (Mycket bra) Very Good
C (Bra) Good
D (Tillfredsställande) Satisfactory
E (Tillräckligt) Sufficient
F (Underkänd) Fail

Credit System

Swedish universities use a credit system for first-cycle (undergraduate) and second-cycle (graduate) studies.

  • 1 Swedish credit = 1 ECTS credit
  • 1.5 Swedish credits = one week's full-time studies (approx. 40 study hours)
  • One academic year = two semesters (5 months each) or 60 credits
  • Full-time students take 30 Swedish credits/semester (e.g. 4 x 7.5 credit courses).

Correction and Review of Grades

If you wish to request a correction or review of a decision on a grade, then you must complete and submit this e-form: Correction and Review of Grades

When you submit it, include a copy of the examination or the assignment in question. In the e-form, you must clearly describe why and in what respect the grade is incorrect in relation to the criteria for grades and expected study results.

Only the course examiner can make the decision to change a grade.

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