Degree Project

Subject Choice

It is important that you choose a subject for your thesis that you are knowledgeable about and, not least, that interests you since you will be working on it over a long period. You can find inspiration in many ways - from academic articles, seminar work, research projects, interviews, etc. Whatever the subject, you must be able to formulate a question or express a problem that can be dealt with at an academic level. Your subject must be specific in nature.


Each programme at Dalarna University will have its own process when it comes to theses. Generally, however, this is how the process works:

  • You are given information well in advance about different options; ways to find topics/companies, deadlines; and important but general information.
  • Some departments collect possible thesis topics from companies and institutions, as well as internal research groups: these you will be able to access.
  • If you decide on your own thesis topic, then you will discuss its suitability with a university supervisor.
  • Deadlines are given so that you know when you must decide on your topic, when you must submit your first draft and when you must complete your thesis.
  • You will defend your thesis in a seminar attended by other programme students.


The general writing structure of a thesis is as follows:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction, Literature Review and Aim (Research Question)
  • Theoretical/Conceptual Framework
  • Methods
  • Empirical Findings and Analysis
  • Discussion and Conclusion

You will receive detailed information from your teacher about these points and the format you must use.


You will be assigned a supervisor for your thesis work and will be given a number of hours for supervision access. The supervisor will be experienced and somebody you can discuss your work with and receive advice from. The supervisor will act as a contact person and work as your guide throughout your work but is not responsible for the final product.

Thesis Examples

Contact the library or your specific department to see examples of theses written by former students.

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