Research Project: Ecological literacy with a focus on discovering biodiversity and understanding relations in nature - the importance of experiences and feelings

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Johanne Maad
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The project focuses on ecological literacy (which is part of scientific literacy) and its importance for teaching and learning. Ecological literacy - ecological subject literacy - is, among other things, about people's "general education" about nature and how people relate to each other and to nature. In my study, I mainly focus on the ability to relate to and discover biological diversity and the ability to understand connections in nature.

The aim of the study is to understand the importance of young people's relationship to nature in order to be able to develop strategies for teaching about biological diversity and connections in nature.
naturen, erfarenhet, biologisk mångfald, ekologiska samband, känslor, undervisning, lärande, nature, experience, biodiversity, ecological relationships, emotions, teaching, learning
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