Research Project: Improving work environment and safety within the horse industry through novel methods and tools

Project leader
Project Members
Ing-Marie Andersson
Åsa Bergman Bruhn
Alexis Rydell
Margareta Bendroth, Hushållningssällskapet Sjuhärad
Cecilia Lindahl, RISE
Project Period
Project Status
Although the equine sector in Sweden has gone through an expansion the last decades, the working methods have not changed. Working conditions must be improved to enable the horse industry to offer safe, sustainable and attractive jobs. The aim is to develop methods and tools for work environment management in cooperation with the horse industry, with emphasis on characteristics to stimulate motivation and commitment. Based on previous research, a successful implementation of a systematic work environment management could be achieved through participatory interventions where the staff is engaged in the process, reachable goals are defined and easy-to-use tools are provided. The work is expected to generate improved profitability and productivity and improved physical and psychosocial health. As working conditions in the horse industry improve, equestrian professions will achieve greater
status leading to enhanced possibilities of finding and retaining qualified and skilled personnel
Research Profile
Complex Systems - Microdata Analysis
Occupational Science
Stiftelsen hästforskning