Research Project: Effectiveness of a mobile activity tracker as an addition to multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs for patients with chronic pain in primary care - A Registry-based Randomised Clinical Trial

Project leader
Linda Vixner
Project Members
Björn Äng
Jerker Westin
Mathila Björk, Linköpings Universitet
Björn Gerdle, Linköpings Universitet
Maria Hagströmer, NVS Karolinska Institutet
Project Period
Project Status
The aim of this trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of a novel person-centred approach for tailoring physical activity using a personalised e-VISualisation of activity and pain (eVIS) to supplement MMR in primary care for patients with chronic pain. The eVIS includes activity trackers that will register physical activity and patients will make weekly self-reported pain assessments using a smartphone texting function. Data from the trackers and the pain assessments will be visualised for patients and the MMR team and used to provide support for structured therapy consultations, goal setting, and the individual tailoring of everyday physical activity. A multicenter, registry-based randomised clinical trial including 200 patients will be conducted. Data will be collected in the primary care module of the SQRP, post intervention, at 12 months follow-up, and through weekly measurements of pain. Our hypothesis is that MMR combined with eVIS will lead to greater improvement than MMR alone. Goal 2019: publish two peer-review papers and apply for further grants that will cover finances for a half-time postdoc position. Innovation: to add eVIS as a new and unique rehabilitation component into MMR. Partners: Researchers from several universities (Uppsala, Linköping, Lund) patient organizations, and rehabilitation staff at joined MMR clinics. The project has started in 2018 and includes a PhD-project.
Research Profile
Health and Social Welfare
Medical Science
Sport and Health Science
Computer Engineering
Högskolan Dalarna