Research Project: Globalisation, Migration and Communal Narratives of Belonging: Changing National Narratives in Contemporary Irish and British Fiction

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Carmen Zamorano Llena
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Since the 1990s studies in the field of social sciences have emphasised the effects that migration in relation to globalisation has had on the host countries. In literary studies this analysis has been much sparser, becoming more prominent over the last decade. A
small number of the works produced in this field also contend that migration has effected changes in the national literature. However, they only focus on the literary production of migrant authors, without considering how a significant number of representative authors
with non-migrant backgrounds have incorporated a direct or indirect reference to migration and its related topoi in their work. The aim of this project is to fill this gap and analyse how Irish and British communal narratives of belonging as reflected in the fiction produced since the 1990s, by authors with migrant and non-migrant background, are changing under the interrelated influences of globalisation and migration. The theoretical approach will include analytical reading of globalisation and migration studies, as well as the work of Homi Bhabha, and Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari´s concept of the rhizome. This analysis must necessarily be carried out in an
international, transnational context. In this way, this project will also propose a model for the redefinition of a literature for Europe based on the comparative redefinition of individual national literatures and an emphasis on the dialogical relationship between the
local and the global.
globalisation, migration, national narrative of identity, contemporary Irish and British fiction, mobility
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