Research Project: Performing Knowledge. A project to improve knowledge in higher education through a double perspective; Theory and Performance

Project leader
Anette Göthlund, Institutionen för bildpedagogik Konstfack
Project Members
Helena Danielsson
Ana Graviz, Kultur och kommunikation Södertörn högskola
Birgitta Odelfors, Inst. för samhällsvetenskap/ Pedagogiska institutionen Örebro universitet
Bo Reimer, Konst, kultur och kommunikation Malmö Högskola
Project Period
Project Status
This project develops pedagogy through double perspectives, in which scientific research is joined with artistic practice as different, but compatible forms of knowledge in learning and degree projects in higher education. The aim is to examine how different forms of knowledge appear in learning processess as well as in student theses; focus is equally placed on formes of representation and presentation. The project will contribute to Educational Science by analyzing experiences from five different institutes of higher education: four pedagogical departments and one department of Art, Culture and Communication. This gives access to variant culture- and media perspectives from students who work both with practise based and research based theses. Using ethnographic methods, the researchers follow student work and make interviews. Through this process the students get access to theories as well as tools for performing knowledge in their learning processes and thesis composition. There is a lack of academic investigation of this double perspective. We will explore what happens when these different practises create new performative knowledge. We want to contribute with research taking inspiration from "Performative Social Science". These research methods do not simply describe the world, but also enact it. They are performative in the sense they have specific effects; they make differences, they enact realities, and they can help to bring into being what they have discovered.
Research Profile
Visual Culture
Art Education