Student Nominees: Regional Dalecarlia Music Awards (DMA)

The students are Ida Davidson and Peter Sundqvist, who are currently taking the Audiovisual Production Programme at Dalarna University.

Ida Davidson and Peter Sundqvist
Ida Davidson and Peter Sundqvist

Ida and Peter were given the assignment to produce imagery for an education fair by their university instructor Andrew Scott. Each year, Dalarna University takes part in an education fair in Stockholm to market its programmes that run at the Media House (Mediehuset) at the University's Regementet campus. It's not always easy to promote a small university such as Dalarna University among Sweden's education giants like Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan and Uppsala University.

"Handing out marketing material may well have an effect, but our assignment was to come up with something more remarkable using low funds," explains Peter.

Successful Production

Ida and Peter produced the image composition in the production stage. The images are put together so that they are compatible with the music for which Mattias Björklund was responsible: Mattias is a former student of the same programme.

The end production was extremely successful, so much so that it was then nominated to DMA (Swedish website) in the category of interactive sound and music production for 2018. Prizes will be awarded in Borlänge on April 7.

"Now it's just a case of waiting to see what happens and if it leads to something," says Ida.

The awards gala will take place on April 7, and Ida and Peter will be there to attend as well as to work, since they are in charge of creating an image production that will run in the background during the DMA's live acts.

After the awards gala, the two students have trainee positions awaiting them before their graduation from the programme.

You can find more information about the Audiovisual Production Programme on our Swedish website (the programme is taught in Swedish).

Here you can see the image production from the education fair.

Other Student Nominees

Over the years, there have been other Dalarna University students nominated for awards:

Sticko-Per Larsson 2000-2003
Erik Brattlöf 2005-2008
Jakob Grundtman 2007-2009
Anders Brandström 2011-2014

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