Energy-Efficient Vehicle Ready for Next Challenge

Eximus 4 - one of the world's most energy-efficient vehicles - has been undergoing some final technical adjustments ahead of its next competition.

Prototype of Eximus 4
Prototype of Eximus 4

The vehicle, which has been constructed by students at Dalarna University, will enter the competition Dalsbo Electric, which will take place in just a few weeks. The competition is for the development of energy-efficient rail vehicles that can move passengers using the least amount of energy.

"We're all pretty excited and the goal of the team is, as usual, to come away the winner," states Patrik Kenger, Acting Head of School of Technology and Business Studies. "A further goal is to learn the skills for developing and testing complex energy-efficient products in a limited amount of time and within a specific budget."

Five students from Dalarna University's Engineering Programme have been working hard on the vehicle since October 2018: the five-student team is made up of Björn Ferm, Ricky Olars, Peter Hagfalk, Simon Axelsson, and Morgan Wilhelmsson. The team has also spent time working with pupils from the local upper-secondary school Soltorgsgymnasiet: Julia Larsson, Fredrik Forsman, Carl-William Lindkvist and Mattias Wängemärk.

The team behind Eximus 4: from left (standing) - Simon Axelsson, Peter Hagfalk, Morgan Wilhelmsson. At front: Ricky Olars, Björn Ferm.

How is work progressing?

"The work has really intensified over the last few weeks, and we've been working both in the evening and at the weekends," explains Patrick Kenger. "As in previous years, the team has received a great deal of help from several regional companies when it comes to products, fabrication and advice."

What about work within the team?

"Over time, our students have grown in their roles and it's a well-functioning team. They've learnt how to work together, which isn't always easy under the conditions that the development of Eximus takes place in. They have demonstrated how they can develop complicated details when the pressure is on and when there is a budget to keep to."

The Eximus project receives financing from Teknikerjakten, the municipalities of Falun and Borlänge, Dalarna University and Region Dalarna. The competition Delsbo Electric takes place on May 25.

All of our engineering programmes are open for late applications: you can find more information here.

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