Dalarna University Working To Increase Opportunities for Smart Solutions for Residents and Companies

Dalarna University has invested in LoRaWan-gateway, which was recently mounted on the rooftop of Campus Borlänge. This means that Campus Borlänge is now an active node in the licence-free network LoRA and can, by way of this gateway, receive signals from LoRa sensors of various kinds.

Used correctly, this technology can lead to improvements and effectivisation within society, saving both time and money.

LoRaWan is an infrastructure that uses radio technology to make it possible to receive signals from sensors that are placed on either stationary or mobile objects. The technology has an extreme range, given the low effect that the system uses. Upon initial tests, the university has been able to retrieve sensor data from a temperature sensor placed about 15 km from Campus Borlänge.

Suggested areas of use for the technology are as follows: a flowerbed indicates when it requires more water; a rubbish container indicates when it needs emptying; a parking lot indicates when it has empty parking places; measuring and reporting temperatures/Co2 levels in a classroom; roads indicate when driving conditions are slippery.

One course in the Programme in IT Security and Software Testing (IT-säkerhet och mjukvarutestning) at Dalarna University is called Internet of Things and gives students the opportunity to experiment and conduct lab tests on this modern IoT technology. A degree project in the final stages of the programme aims to have students make full use of this and other forms of IoT technology.

“We see future opportunities with regards to degree projects and education and research, where the university can play an active role in the development of technology and contribute with knowledge, ideas and technical solutions for companies, organisations and society,” states Thomas Kvist, Programme Coordinator for the Programme.

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