Boverket Learns About Research Project in Sustainable Construction

In a residential area in Borlänge, a large sustainability project is underway in which Dalarna University together with the housing company Tunabyggen and construction companies are looking at ways to make construction in Sweden both more energy efficient and environmental.
Three women and three men standing outside in front of an apartment building
"It's interesting to see how the university works together with the private sector," states Jonas Fränne, who together with his colleague Daniel Andersson from Boverket paid a visit to Dalarna University.

The project has attracted interest from other parts of Sweden, and on Tuesday, experts from Boverket Borlänge paid a visit to the university and Tjärna Ängar, the residential area in question, to find out more. (Boverket is Sweden's National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.)

In one of the homes that is involved in the research lives Adel Hassan, who took time to meet with the group. For him and his family, the renovations that are underway are a question of comfort. He is pleased with the larger and nicer bathroom and the new three-pane windows that provide for better sound insulation, both of which have resulted from the project.

For the researchers - Doctoral Student Alaa Khadia and Docent in Construction Engineering John Are Myhren - the most interesting information can be found down in the basement of the houses that are part of the research where the various heating systems being tested are installed and where measurable results can be obtained.

Alaa Khadia, Doctoral Student, and John Are Myhren, Docent in Construction Engineering for the university's research profile Energi och samhällsbyggnad

The project has been underway since 2015 and is part of a process of innovation and renewal aimed to make this particular area of Borlänge, Tjärna Ängar, more attractive and integrated.

Partners in the project are Dalarna University and Tunabyggen, and both have the vision of creating a model for renovation that can for the public good, based on environmental, social and economic sustainability:

"The threat to the climate presents the greatest challenge of our time. Construction plays a significant role in the effect on the environment and the potential is great to implement measures that are more energy efficient that can help us reach our national energy and climate goals," explains John Are Myhren.

Throughout the duration of the project, factors for success will be measured in the areas of energy efficiency, cost efficiency, climate and thermal comfort, and collaboration leading to involvement and decisions.

Buildings are tested and evaluated - for example, the cost of electricity is one factor. Distance heating in the municipality takes excess heat from the local industrial giants SSAB and Kvarnsveden pappersbruk, and this serves to contribute to climate goals.

The experts from Boverket who came to find out about the project travel throughout the country to learn about interesting developments that are underway. Their visit to the project in Borlänge left them impressed by the collaboration taking place between research and business, which will serve the public good.

The study trip will include a visit to Dalarnas villa, a research and collaboration project, which has involved representatives from Dalarna University, Dalarnas Försäkringsboag, vocational high-school programmes, suppliers of houses and material, and entrepreneurs.

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