Opening of Dalarnas Villa - Result of Collaboration

On Tuesday, Dalarnas Villa was officially opened, the result of collaboration between Dalarna University, Dalarnas Försäkringsbolag, pupils from vocational upper-secondary programmes, material and house suppliers, and other key entrepreneurs.

A woman and man standing outside the new Dalarnas Villa holding onto the drawing plans.
Bojana Petrovic and Jonn Are Myhren, both of Dalarna University

It began in 2017 with 68 university students submitting 17 entries to a competition based on how a house can be constructed with focus on security (break-ins, fire, water damage) as well as on environment, sustainability and future maintenance. The result was Dalarnas Villa, a building which is now ready and waiting to be occupied.

The winning entry was submitted by Amanda Roberg, Fredrik West, George Saliba, Sami Butt and Julia Alolfsson, all students at Dalarna University.

"The winning group designed a building that is rational, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing," states John Are Myhren, Senior Lecturer in Construction Engineering at Dalarna University.

Also part of the project was Bojana Petrovic, Doctoral Student in Construction Engineering at Dalarna University, who is currently working on her thesis on sustainable one-family dwellings.

The construction itself was carried out by upper-secondary school pupils from various vocational programmes (joiner, machinist, painter).

Throughout the project, representatives from the construction branch were invited to be involved on issues such as practical solutions, products and systems that focus on energy, security and safety related to fire, break-ins and water.

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