Collaboration Award StudentExpo18

Here, Dalarna University students from the School of Technology and Business Studies can submit their poster ahead of StudentExpo18 at Campus Borlänge.

The deadline for submission is May 27. The submssion of your poster means that you are automatically registered for the exhibition and the Collaboration Award.

Please note that you must submit a PDF file: you can find the template for the poster, instructions and criteria below.

Education Place Time
Economics, Tourism and Society Hallway 14:00-15:00
Engineers/Technology Hallway 15:00-16:00
Computer, IT and Design Hallway 15:00-16:00

Poster Template (Powerpoint)

Nomination Criteria: Winner of Collaboration Award
  • The degree project involved collaboration with the municipality, county council, business and industry, or an organisation.
  • The results of the degree project are clear, and demonstrate what was done and what was achieved.
  • The degree project is presented in a clear and interesting manner.
Instructions for the Poster


  • 70 x 100 cm


  • Position your text and pictures in a logical way that is easy to follow with the eye.
  • Text and pictures that complement each other will strengthen your message.

Font - Headings and Text

  • Arial


  • The title should be simple, easy to read and no longer than two lines.
  • The title heading should be size 72 (bold); the sub-heading with the author's name and programme should be size 42 (normal); and in the "presentation" size 32 (bold).

Text (tables, diagrams and main text)

  • Text size must be 32.
  • The text must be set to the left.
  • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations.
  • Be careful not to have too much text and do not have text on pictures.

Pictures and Images

  • Use high-resolution pictures: 300 dpi at 100 percent.

    You require permission from the photographer to publish his/her pictures; the photographer's name must be given. You cannot change a picture without first receiving permission from the photographer.


  • The poster shall be saved as a PDF for printing.
  • Make sure images and text look good on your PDF.
Instructions: How To Save Your Poster as a PDF

If you are going to save your PowerPoint as an Adobe PDF in one of the school computer rooms, you need to follow these instructions because the "Save as Adobe PDF" shortcut is missing in all computer rooms.

  • Press "Print"
  • Press "Printer" and choose Adobe PDF
  • Press "Printer Properties" Adobe PDF Settings
  • Stay at Adobe PDF Settings; change size to A0 at "Adobe PDF Page Size"
  • Press OK
  • Press "Print". An icon will then appear on the bottom "Toolbar" where it says "Save PDF File As"
  • Save your PDF
  • Important! Open your PDF and make sure it looks ok
  • Upload your PDF by 28/5 using the form below.


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