Prepare a Learning Agreement

Information on how to prepare a Learning Agreement when applying for exchange studies.

Erasmus Students: fill the Learning Agreement 

You will receive a Letter of Acceptance for the exchange from the partner university, with information on how to find course descriptions and how you apply for courses. When you have found the courses you want to take at the partner university, prepare a digital Learning Agreement, where you fill in the courses you want to study during the exchange, and the DU courses they will replace. Follow instructions on the web site. Once signed by DU, the LA will be sent to the contact person at the receiving university for signing.

You need the following information:

  • Contact Person at DU: Maria Solén,, Tel +4623778000
  • Responsible Person at DU: International Officer,, Tel +4623778000
  • Level of language competence: English minimum B2, or if other language of instruction, state the level.
  • List of Fields of Education

In Table A you list the courses you will take at the partner university

In Table B you list the courses you would have studied at DU, i.e the replaced courses

DU accepts touchscreen scanned signatures. LA Example

Programme Students without an Optional Semester

Review the syllabuses and discuss course choices together with the programme coordinator. The programme coordinator certifies which programme courses the courses chosen abroad can replace, e-mail this information to Fill the online LA.

Programme Students with an Optional Semester and Students who Study Freestanding Courses

If necessary, contact the Study & Career Counsellors. Fill the online LA and sign. In Table B you write " Optional Courses". See procedure above.

 You need the signed LA to complete your application to the partner university. A preliminary LA must be completed before the start of the semester and clearly no later than one month after the start of the semester. If there are course changes during the exchange you update the online LA.

Exchange Students Outside EU

Students going on exchange out of Europe use this form

Fill the courses you wish to take according to instructions above, sign and e-mail to The LA is signed by Student Service officers and a copy returned to you.


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